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Windows Communication Foundation

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by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the Custom Routing Manager for managing messages via Routing Service built-in .Net 4 Technology.
by lusgon
Uploading a file using WCF REST API and JavaScript
by Imran Abdul Ghani
Existing bindings available in WCF
by Shmuel Zang
In this article, I explain, step by step, how we can use a WCF behavior for logging operation's invoke and result, errors, warnings and information logs that include the operation's details.

Latest Articles

by Chinmoy Mohanty
How to upload/download a file using WCF REST service in .NET 3.5
by Chinmoy Mohanty
How to create and consume a RESTful service using WCF and JavaScript
by Chinmoy Mohanty
How to do operation contract overloading in WCF
by Sunny Makode
There are several contents available on the internet that talk about injecting dependencies through .svc file's markup [in WCF service application] and it's easy when you have a WCF service application. But, it is equally easy to do that even in your WCF Library project (without .svc).


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