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Smart Client

Great Reads

by Omar Al Zabir
How to browse the internet faster and save power using a smart HOSTS file
by Stephan Johnson
This is part II of a VII part series. This article covers the basics of what the Genesis Smart Client is and serves as required reading before reading parts III - VII
by Shabbir Lathsaheb
I was developing an application to post xml data to a URL (REST call) using and C#. The endpoint was hosted with a third party vendor and they had a much secured hosting environment.
by Sibeesh Passion
Working With Test Client In ASP.NET Web API Help Page

Latest Articles

by Peter Sun (247)
Create a C# WPF app to read Twitter tweets and retweets via REST API with grouping related users / friends by categories. As a bonus, tweets can be saved in Azure / Cloud, and viewed in an Azure website.
by Terence Wallace
A brief article on how to utilize NBA Stats API in a WinForm application
by Bahrudin Hrnjica
Export options in ANNdotNET
by Peter Sun (247)
Create a Twitter Reader with Microsoft Prism Library 6.3 for WPF


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